School of Music

The Texas Amps & Axes: School of Music is proud to be the first and only Music School in the Prosper/Celina area!  We are a family owned and operated studio, where students can learn to express themselves through the power of music.

Our School of Music has 7 teaching studios capable of handling a variety of musical needs. In addition, our facility has a parent/teacher lounge equipped with a full kitchen to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our students and teachers. We want nothing more than for you to make yourself at home anytime you are here. We also have a video-monitored Kids’ Playroom where siblings of students and young students can have a bit of fun during lesson waiting.

We offer private one on one lessons to give your student the most opportunity for growth and development. We will offer group lessons only by request.

Currently we offer personalized lessons for Banjo, Cello, Clarinet, Drum, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Saxophone, Ukulele, Violin/Fiddle, Viola, Voice and Xylophone.

For more information about our school please call us at 469-296-6007 or email us at

The Instructors

Beth Barton (Piano & Voice)
beth-01Known for her gentle demeanor, Beth is a powerhouse of a Soprano with a genuine love for teaching students of all age and experience levels in the arts of singing and playing piano. Beth has been teaching and playing all over the United States for the last 20 years alongside her pastor husband. She is a patient and fun teacher with a knack for engaging students and showing them how to harness their inner musicality. As a voice and piano teacher, she offers to students the flexibility to blend both practices into 1 lesson while teaching them how to excel with in both areas. Beth is a traditional teacher who educates her students in music theory, ear training, sight reading while incorporating both classical and modern music into her sessions.


Days Available: Tuesday through Saturday

Travis Hernandez (Violin & Guitar)
Mr. Travis joined us in January 2018 and has already proven himself to be a well-sought after teacher. Travis holds a degree in Music Education from UNT with a violin and classical guitar concentration. Travis is no stranger to performing – in additional to having experiance playing in a symphony, he is also part of a traveling mariachi band. Being classically trained, body positioning, proper bow hold, and technique are of the utmost importance to Mr. Travis and are something he works very hard with his students on. For his guitar students, he loves to dive into genres of all kinds and find music that speaks to the student. Travis is a great match for our younger beginners, who find his patient and gentle but firm teaching style encouraging!

Days Available: Tuesday, Friday

Jana Kmodras (Piano & Violin)
JanaKmodras-01Jana, pronounced “Yah-na”, is an experienced Violin and Piano teacher with over 25 years experience in teaching in Canada and Europe. A graduate of the National Music Conservatory with degrees in Piano, Violin and Theory, Jana brings excellence and grace to her teaching. She is a fun-loving teacher who loves a laugh almost as much as she loves music and invites students to experience music in new ways while exposing them to theory and technique.

Days Available: Tuesday, Friday (Fall 2018 – Mrs. Jana will join us on Thursdays!)

Richard Kmodras (Cello, Drum, Piano, Xylophone)
Richard-01Richard is one of most accomplished teachers here at the School of Music, with degrees in Music Theory, Piano, Drums, and Cello. In addition, he is an experienced producer and performer and has 2 self-composed and produced albums under his belt. As a former student at the National Music Conservatory and a former teacher at the National School of Arts in the Czech Republic, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his lessons.


Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Ian Lawler (Guitar & Ukulele)
Ian comes to us with a love for teaching guitar with passion and flair. As a weekend music warrior where he plays in a highly-sought after wedding band, he is able to teach students interested in all genres of music. Ian really enjoys taking a deep-dive into Rock music with students while integrating his vast knowledge of popular music from all eras into the way they learn technique and musicality. For Ian, there is little more fun than helping students of all ages master the guitar or ukulele with flair!


Available: Thursdays

Jackie Lee (Piano)
JackieLee-01Small and mighty is our Jackie! This fiercely talented pianist has been teaching piano for the last 20 years and playing since she was a little girl. Educated at the Xinhai Music College in China, Jackie has some impressive skills that she imparts on her students. Her vibrant personality and tremendous piano playing make her a favorite with our music students! Jackie implements a very traditional style of teaching that is packed full of theory and technique. She is a champion to all her students and encourages them to experience music from all genres and eras.

Days Available: Monday

J.T. Longoria (Drums, Guitar, Ukulele & Viola)

J.T. Longoria is a well-known name in the Dallas music scene. From being one of the most sought-after records producers and studio musicians at Nomad Records in Dallas, TX to working with Izzy Stradlin of Guns N’ Roses, Mr. J.T. is a powerhouse of talent, knowledge & fun!  J.T. is the essence of rock with better eyeliner skills than most people out there and we are wildly excited to give our students an opportunity to learn from a Grammy nominated producer! J.T. loves educating students and pulling from his countless years of experience to help his students achieve their musical goals.

Days Available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Sydney Mason ( Guitar, Piano & Voice)

First thing you need to know about Sydney is that her laughter is contagious! She’s hoot and her students love her vibrant and sweet personality that carries over so naturally into her teaching. Sydney is a highly accommplished teacher, singer, song-writer, & producer – and we are seriously thrilled to have such a well-rounded teacher available for our students who truly want to do a little of it all. Sydney is fantastic with our younger age students who enjoy her patience and understanding of their limited attention spans, but she also excells very well with our older students who are looking to take their musicality to the next level.
Days Available: Monday – Friday

Tim Wingate ( Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin & Beginner Piano)

tim-wingate-2-01Mr. Tim comes to us from the Sunny State where he owned and operated his own Music School. Tim’s laid back personality and cheerful disposition allow him to connect with students on a different level, making him more relatable not just as a teacher but as a friend. Tim’s students enjoy his breadth of knowledge in music and clever ways of using music they know and love to impart technique and theory, make him one of our most sought after guitar teachers.   

Days Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Carlos Pulido ( Guitar & Ukulele )
If you’ve ever been into our shop, you will have met Carlos, aka “Los,” who is our Lead Sales Associate. Carlos is not your average teacher but if you’re looking to learn how to Shred like a pro, he’s your guy! While Los does utilize theory and technique in his teaching, his approach is more geared towards freestyle/improvisation and shredding techniques. Los takes a limited number of students (intermediate+) per semester.

Days Available: Monday thru Thursday

Jon Meneley ( Guitar & Ukulele )
Mr. Jon is our proud owner (& even prouder husband of Mrs. Iris) and brainchild behind the facility. Mr. Jon holds a degree in Music Business from DBU and enjoys teaching kiddos and adults. Because Mr. Jon has to see to the running of the Store, he only takes on a limited number of students per semester. Mr. Jon is exceedingly patient, soft-spoken but phenomenal at imparting theory and technique to his students. 

Days Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Mike Naber (Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, & Voice)

Mike Naber joined the TA&A Family in July 2018 and we are thrilled to have his expertise on hand! Mike is a UNT graduate with a Bachelor’s in Music and a Minor in Music Education. Additionally, he has over 20 years of experience as a Music Director and Worship Leader. Mike adds Saxophone and Clarinet to our curriculum studies here but also will offer Voice and Piano to students. Mike is looking forward to sharing his passion for music of all kinds and his leadership skills with his students! 

Days Available: Monday , Thursday & Friday, 4pm-7pm

Garrett Moore (Guitar, Piano & Voice)

Mr. Garrett Moore is the latest edition to the Texas Amps & Axes Team, but he is no stranger to music! Classically trained in Piano, Garrett spent his childhood exploring piano pieces across decades and genres. After tackling the piano, Garrett began his studies in Voice and Guitar which serve him well as Worship Leader at his church. Garrett loves passing on his musical knowledge with students of all ages, especially with those wanting to master the art of playing while singing – a challenging feat for any musician.

Days Available: Monday, Friday & Saturday